Holistic Pediatrics

Holistic Pediatrics

It is said in Oriental Medicine that children should be frequently exposed to sunlight and fresh air, trained to resist cold, protected from being frightened, and should not be overfed or given too much medicine.


What is Holistic Pediatrics?

Holistic Pediatrics is a safe and practical approach to pediatric care that focuses on individualized care and the principles of health, wellness and safe resolution from illness for teens, children, and babies.  Holistic Healthcare is not a replacement to Western Medicine although western treatments may not always be able to adequately address the challenges faced by each child.  When parents haven’t found effective relief for their children from conventional medicine or before resorting to powerful western drugs which may have unwanted side effects, holistic therapies are a less invasive, effective treatment option.    Holistic Pediatrics is one of the oldest, safest and most well studied, specialties within Oriental Medicine.  This is a comprehensive form of healthcare within which diagnosis and treatment for your child are based on the professional medical findings of a licensed professional acupuncturist.

Holistic Pediatrics can be utilized to safely and naturally help treat the following Pediatric conditions:

Neonatal Jaundice
Lack of Breastfeeding/Difficulty Breastfeeding
Non Free-flowing Defecation in infant
Non Free-flowing Urination in infant
Umbilical Region Conditions: soreness, inflammation, bleeding, weeping, etc
Diaper Rashbaby joy
Tummy ache
Cradle Cap
Oral Thrush
Infantile Convulsions
Ear Infections
Common Cold
Whooping Cough

Swollen Glands (Tonsillitis & Strep)
Lack of Appetite
Cold Sores
Canker Sores
Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever)
Common and Plantar Warts
Poison Ivy
Frequent Urination
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritiskid-eating-apple
Tourette’s Syndrome
Chicken Pox
Traumatic Injuries:
-Sprains & Strains
-Insect stings

Modalities of Holistic Pediatrics:

Dietary Therapy Guidance
Herbal Medicine Consultation & Prescriptions
Acupressure & Acupuncture
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Therapy
Homeopathic Medicine

What is a Holistic Pediatric Treatment like?

Treatments are customized to each child’s temperament and specific needs. All aspects of your child’s health are taken into consideration: physical, nutritional, environmental, mental & emotional well-being. After a through examination and discussion of your child’s health history and current complaint, one or more of the following treatment methods may be used: herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, pediatric acupuncture, tuina massage, therapeutic grade essential oil therapy, or dietary modifications.

Pediatric treatments, especially for kids ages 6 and under are very different than treatment for adults.
The environment is relaxing and calm, soft music plays, lights are dim. When I meet my pediatric patients, I talk to them directly and make sure they understand that I’m here to help them and I respect them and their bodies. Trust begins as I proceed with their physical exam. Looking in ears and listening to lungs becomes a fun game. They are not forced to do acupuncture if they don’t want to. When children refuse acupuncture, I use other non-needle treatments that are very effective until the child is ready to try the needle. Eventually almost every child that walks through my clinic door will try acupuncture. To their amazement, they find it is painless!

What Holistic Pediatrics with Marissa J. Moshonisiotis, L.Ac is not:

  • A physician.
  • We do not administer vaccines, antibiotics or Western prescription medications.
  • We do not address acute emergency issues (such as a broken arm). For these, Maryland Holistic Healthcare suggests that you know where your nearest urgent care facility is located.